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Looking For Jackson!

Our Jack Russell has now been missing for 2 months. And he is now 10 months old. We are still desperately looking for him and would appreciate any help anyone can offer. He was not wearing a collar when he disappeared and does not have a microchip. He had just had his last stitches removed from his left eye – he had to have emergency surgery after he punctured the lens capsule and had to have it removed. He was very lucky to be able to keep the eye. We suspect someone picked him up from the tourist area on the wine farm we live on because he might have been a little lost as he obviously couldn’t find his way back home. And we couldn’t find a body anywhere so we can only assume that’s what the case is. 

If you could pass his picture and information around I would be most grateful. We miss him terribly. 

Cassandra Mackie

Mobile: +27 (0)82 486 5695
Office: +27 (0)21 880 2693
Skype: cassandra301086


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