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Sheba – Must Be Only Dog

Please pass on far and wide.  This girl has been “homeless” for far too long now!!!  She is truly an awesome gal!!! 


Howdy all Ye Animal Lovers! 

My name is Sheba.  I am sooooooo tired of being shoved from pillar to post. Since my family moved very far away in an airplane every time I meet someone I love, I have to move on. Last year I thought I met a nice family and they ended up dumping me, broken leg and all, in an abandoned place!!  AS IF….. WOW, I was in such pain.  What a relief …… This chick rocked up …… out of nowhere ….. picked  me up, took one look at me, and took me to a place where they patched me all up and made me betta!  Yussie ……. WOMAN SURE ROCK!!!! Ai ……. Even my latest ma – it was sooo divine at her place. I really thought that she had also met her soul mate, companion, best friend forever and that we’d love only each other always. Turns out she has dawgs ‘n katz for Afrika and NO WAY JOSE !! I will not tolerate any interference or competition. I’m very heart sore and I know she understands because she comes and loves me every day at the Halfway House and brings me treats and toys and peanut butter and lots of other nice stuff. All I want to do is go home with her and kill those little chits of hers because THEY are keeping us apart …. but I heard her saying there is definitely a somebody out there who, like me, is MONOGAMOUS! And she’s gonna find ’em. So I’m going to hang around here because I really do trust my mom (hee hee I call her that because it feels like she really is!) and I know she will find my soul mate for me. No matter what or how long it takes. In the meantime if you can help feed and look after me by sponsoring me for a few Rand a month or, better still, if you think YOU are the one for me, then let’s meet. I’ll be your best friend in the world forever. Promise. Big kisses Sheba xxxx

Puleeeze email my mommy’s helper Brenda and tell her that you want to come and meet me!!  SOOOOON!  I’m just dying to meet my destiny!!

Cell: 083 707 7204.  Oh, and I must just tell you, that homechecks do apply, just to make sure there are no chancers!  Us Pitties are so well protected by these gals at CHARM!!!


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