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Please Help – Owner Passed Away!

I got involved with you all in regards to the costs for spaying/castrating cats (see e-mails below) and am assuming that you are also cat lovers. I took Asus (my youngest kitty) in to be spayed by Dr Zagt although I am convinced that he fitted her with a V8 engine instead – she is so energetic one cannot keep up with her.

The reason why I am writing to you all is to try and help another cat (adult, neutered tom). He is grey in colour. It’s original owner initially had two cats; one cat died just over a week ago followed by its owner (a woman of about 50+), leaving the remaining cat destitute. The woman was buried last Friday morning. Her sister (Annemarie) lives in the same duplex complex that I do. She came to ask if I would adopt her sister’s cat. In terms of the house rules each unit is permitted two animals only. I already have three cats and cannot adopt the tom cat. The tom cat is boarding somewhere at R50 a day. Annemarie cannot adopt her sister’s cat because her dog has no love for cats at all and she doesn’t want to expose the poor cat to any further trauma; she is not sure how old the tom cat is. Annemarie is also not in great shape at the moment – her mother is also seriously ill in hospital and the doctor has no hope for her recovery.  

If any of you know of someone who would be willing to adopt this male (neutered) please could they get in touch with the owner’s sister for further information. Annemarie can be reached at:

 Annemarie van der Walt

T: (011) 848-5000 (b)

M: 083-677-7428


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