Dogs The Cape / Rescued

Rozy Says Hello!

For those of you who do not know Rozy’s story.  

She was found frantically running around Vredenburg , West Coast and a good Samaritan caught her , took her to the vet where they removed a rope still tightly bound just above her paw which had already badly cut into her flesh.   Rozy had started to chew at her paw which we believe was her attempt to free herself from wherever she was tied up.    I was really hoping that only the bottom section of her leg had to be amputated but as she had no circulation in the leg the vet could not save her leg.   

Rozy is still in foster care with LEAPS and is recovering VERY WELL and her disability has certainly not stopped this precious girl from running around.   She is quite the dominant little one so we are still looking for the right home for her.

Rozy also wants to THANK those who once again so generously came forward to help pay for her amputation and sterilisation !

langebaan animal care

pet hope

tel           022 492 2294

cell         083 270 5161

e-mail   are@kingsleymail


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