Dogs Gauteng / Urgent Cases

Spudster The Speedster!

I’m Spudster the speedster. I’m affectionate, young, handsome, restless, strong, fast, agile, wild … I’m ALIVE!!! Because I’m in the care of people who will do almost anything to save us from dying just because we are homeless. I’ve been neutered – so the buck stops here! I’ve been de-wormed. I’ve been vaccinated. I’m stunning, and as you can see, I dunno if the postman or my mom was the Beagle 🙂 Whatever! I’ve inherited the the most intense DNA ……. WILL YOU JUST LOOK AT ME!!!!???? I’m going to be here as a medium to long term boarder because I’m so special and because I’ve heard them say they don’t care how many applicants they have to turn away, they will wait for the right, the good, the perfect home especially for me. It has to be because I love life, I love people and I love ACTION so if you need someone to light up your life big-time, I’m your boy and I’m NOT for couch potatoes…whatever that means 🙂 Meantime, I have awesome neighbors ……. flip! That Robert is such a character I really think he’s cool. He’s my hero! To be honest I really dig all of them. We have such a cool neighborhood, but we can’t actually play together properly ‘cos we get really ROF and normally one of us gets pssd off and then there’s a snotklap here and there and groot k@k!!! So we just jol around with people. Oh ja, I almost forgot – I LOVE TO KISS!! Sponsor me. Adopt me (or TRY to – hahaaaaa – you’ve gotta be the BEST or you won’t score!) Love me …. DO SOMETHING for me, puhleeeeez!!!

Please contact Brenda from CHARM if you would like to sponsor or adopt Spud.  083 707 7204


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