Dogs The Cape

Meet Tommy

Please could you help us find a loving home for TOMMY and below find his story from his foster Mommy Marita,  in Jacobsbay , West Coast.

Click attachment to view this gorgeous pup Tommy

Hi everyone,

I received a new puppy on Thursday. The story is very scant: apparently someone’s housekeeper found the puppy. The husband did not want it. The girl who contacted me very kindly took the puppy to the vet to obtain the necessary medication. 

The puppy is four weeks old and suffering from a bad case of mange. As I do not have any background on his mother, I attempted to determine his breed from my book on dog breeds. I don’t think he is among the 150 listed. He is very small, as you can see from the photographs. 

When I received him, his eyes were encrusted, he had severe tummy problems and a large percentage of his body was covered in scabs from the mange. After two days he decided that he wanted to live and is now a very cute little thing. He has a healthy appetite, his eyes are bright (at the moment the most beautiful greenish-grey colour) and most of the scabs have gone. He wears his little coat without complaints, although he still needs to do some growing before the coat will fit. He is obviously very sensitive to the cold due to the loss of hair. He tolerates the dips, baths and lotions. He loves playing with my youngest dog, even though she is much bigger than him. He loves dragging things around – the bigger, the better. At this stage he prefers soft toys, including fingers and toes. He has a very cute little gait when he runs around. 

I named him Tommy. I just could not call him Stinky (although that was exactly what he did when I got him). So, I decided to go for the alternative: Tommy Hilfiger provides men’s toiletries and I am sure he will be a lovely little gentleman when he is older. And THOMAS!!! will come in very handy, should he misbehave. 

I would appreciate it if you could help to find a good home for him. 

Marita Hattingh 083 703 8544



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