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Spike – A Happy Ending


The rescue

Once I arrived at the awful home, I saw him lying on the ground in the sun.. lifeless. In fact, I thought the poor boy was dead… he did not even respond to my voice until I went closer… He was extremely frightened and angry when I picked him up but as soon as he was in the car, I could see that he knew he was rescued…. it was unbelievable !

He ate lots of yummy tin food and gulped down water (there was neither in the yard) and his tail started to wag.        Once at my home, I could see he was going to be fine and that there was hope for this sweet boy.

As you can see in the pick above, he is on the couch in his new home (didn’t take long to make himself feel comfortable)


Lauren Námer  0727317397  Jhb/Pta

Foster mom, rescue and re-homing –  saving one at a time…..


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