Cats Gauteng


The owner of these 3 gorgeous siblings lost his job and his home.  The kitties were placed into foster care, as the owner was convinced that he would be able to take them back.  7 months later, they are still in foster care.  Please forward their photos and info to all your contacts, so we can find them a wonderful new home(s).

PABLO is a long haired grey & white boy, who is dozy, soft & gentle.  He enjoys playing with the other young kitties & lazes in the garden all day.  He loves soft food.

SONJA is a long haired black & white girl, who is busy and always trying to find a new place to investigate.  She is an affectionate girl and loves being in places that are high up.

AKUSSAR is a black & white girl, who is vocal and affectionate.  She is inquisitive and always comes to see what you are doing.

The three siblings are quite close and all easy going kitties.  They have all been sterilised and vaccinated.  They settled in very well with other kitties.

Please contact Annita on 083-6340069 if you would like to view or adopt these kitties.  They can be split up if you have other kitties at home.


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