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Chained Dog Dies – Owners Go On Holiday

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SPCA senior inspector Jeanette Salzwedel with the dog that survived after being chained up and left without food, water or shelter by its owners over Christmas. Another dog died. (Shan Pillay, The Witness)

Pietermaritzburg – A Copesville family who went away over Christmas will face prosecution under the Animal Protection Act when they return home.

They tied up their dogs and left them without food and water, resulting in the death of one of the dogs.

Pietermaritzburg SPCA spokesperson Maureen Vida said on Tuesday that they received an anonymous call about two dogs which had been tied up on a property in Copesville.

“The complainants had become alarmed by a terrible smell coming from the property. Senior inspector Jeanette Salzwedel went to the property and found a black cross breed tied up on a heavy chain.”

Advanced state of decomposition

She said marks on its neck indicate that the dog had been tied up for some time. The second dog was lying half in its kennel and was already dead and in an advanced stage of decomposition.

“There was no sign of food or water and only one bowl, which was bone dry, was found near the dogs.”

She said people in the neighbourhood reported that the owners of the dogs had been away since Wednesday or Thursday last week leaving the chained dogs with inadequate shelter, no food and no water.

“This is an offence under the Animal Protection Act and is totally unacceptable, especially in view of the extreme weather conditions over the past few days. A prosecution case will be opened against the owners,” said Vida.

“People going away for any length of time and leaving their pets at home should make adequate arrangements with reliable friends or neighbours to ensure their pets are fed, have water and also have a suitable place to take shelter in inclement weather, and should definitely not chain their dogs.”

– The Witness


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