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Location: (Onderstepoort Veterinary Animal Hospital) – Pretoria

Lots and lots of abandoned cats this week.  Only one dog but enough to break your heart though – every bit of confidence is gone. Please network and let’s change their lives for the better today! 

For adoption enquiries please contact sarina.myburg@up.ac.za or mandyw@up.ac.za tel 012 529 8016 and ask for Sarina or Mandy. 

1.  Kittens!  5 gorgeous calico kittens (female) and 1 black and white male kitten.  Now approx 5 – 6 weeks old.  Mother still with them, but they are weaned and need homes urgently!!

 2.  ‘Beauty’.  Mother of the 6 kittens above.  Very pretty and lovely nature.

 3.  ‘Ginga’.  6 month female kitten.  Very pretty coat pattern and friendly nature.

 4.  ‘Grace’.  Young adult grey and white female cat.  Friendly and placid.

 5.  ‘Jessie’.  1 year crossbred dog.  Gentle and lovely nature.


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