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Dog owner faces cruelty charge



Johannesburg – A Vereeniging dog owner faces charges of animal cruelty after his boerboel puppy was found with a rubber band cutting blood circulation to its tail, the SPCA said on Monday.

Inspector Marlien Pieterse said the Vereeniging Society for the Prevention of Crulety to Animals confiscated the puppy on Friday when it was brought to be vaccinated.

She said it had a rubber band tightly constricted around its tail cutting off all blood circulation, causing the tail to putrefy.

“A putrid smell emanated from the puppy’s tail,” she said.

The puppy was taken to the Three Rivers Veterinary Clinic where the tail had to be surgically removed under anaesthetic to prevent further suffering.

“Not only is this a cruel and inhumane practice, but also a contravention of the Animals Protection Act.”

Charges of animal cruelty have been laid against the owner at the Vereeniging police station.



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