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Missing Cats – Killarney (Jhb)



The writer of the email says:

Paul and his family have re-located from New Castle less than 2 weeks ago, when their 2 cats escaped from 7 Beverley Heights, Oxford- & Riviera Roads in Killarney. 

They have been searching and did put up B&W posters, which is where I found it and visited all the surrounding buildings.  All security guards have also been briefed.  I retraced the route they would have followed to 3rd Street where FOTC feeds ferals and the family go there each day now – so far no luck. Kindly circulate the pics and details for Killarney contacts.

Blu is the lighter tabby with mittens and Monster is the darker tabby – both sterilized and vaccinated. Monster was a feral kitten, 5 years ago and would hide, but Blu is friendly.

Paul can be contacted on 087 805 2701.


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