I want “just 1 litter”


“This means that there are 45 cats and dogs born for every person”

Did you know… :1 out of 10 dogs born ever get a home

1 out of 12 cats born ever find a home  2-3 millions pets are euthanased in the United States alone because people won’t stop breeding.

When you get yourself that cute puppy or kitten and decide to have just 1 litter – do u actually realize that you are bringing an estimated 67 000 puppies and 420 000 kittens into this world? Apart from that for every puppy or kitten that you sell you are responsible for a shelter animal loosing it’s life just because you chose to breed!   People need to start understanding how serious this problem is and how out of hand it is getting! People need a SERIOUS wakeup call and need to start realizing that this is not about offending anyone, this is about educating people who are breeding until it sinks in, because quite plain and simply, you have absolutely no idea what a complete stuff up you are causing by breeding with your animals!! 

I work in animal welfare myself, in fact I have even been told by my family that my life revolves around it! I get to see and deal with 100-200 emails a day and none of them are pretty! Every single one is cats and dogs needing loving homes, and it’s always the same old thing, Unwanted, breeding, immigration, moving into non pet friendly houses, you name it. All my fosters that I have hand reared and brought up were innocent puppies that had been born from people who couldn’t be bothered to spay their female dogs.

Chiquita – you all know my dog Chiquita – she was a foster – abandoned in a township, another lot of puppies that I fostered were literally dumped on my doorstep to become my problem and my very recent foster dog Angel was wired to a tree and beaten, kicked and starved!!! So forgive me if a person comes to tell me they are going to breed and I get a bit ratty about it! Those of you who don’t work in this field have absolutely no idea what it is like for us who do and you have no idea how difficult you make our job sometimes just because of your greed and irresponsibility.

The bottom line is you are being selfish if you are breeding, and before you come and wave a finger in my face, I have been doing this a LONG time and think I may just know a little about what I am going to talk about here!!! If you want to breed, come with me, for just one day to one of the animal shelters and I promise you, your mind will be changed in 2 seconds flat!! I will say this again, if you are breeding, you have no idea what damage you are causing! Some of the most ridiculous excuses for breeding that I have heard was “I wanted my child to witness an animals birth” Well guess what? I never witnessed one and I turned out pretty okay!!! Another favourite of mine is “they just so cute, we had to breed” PATHETIC!!!! but my most favourite and most used excuse of all time is “It wasn’t supposed to happen” PEOPLE!!!!!! What the hell did you expect to happen? They are animals for goodness sake!! When a female goes into heat, the male will be attracted!!!!!!!!!STOP WITH THE EXCUSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you want pets, you need to start understanding that they have certain needs and requirements and if they breed, it is YOUR FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In my experience with working in the animal industry, I have found that most of the time, people who choose to breed have absolutely no clue what they are doing and think they will find good homes for the puppies or kittens they have bred with, but in short, what is a good home? In many of these cases, because people that are having just “1 litter” have no experience when it comes to choosing the correct family and think that any old home where food, water and shelter are provided is more than enough for qualifying as a ‘good’ home Well I have news for all of you who want to have just 1 litter!!!!

First of all, breeding is not profitable and quite honestly it is just disgusting that you want to sell innocent animals for money. Most of the time, females have to be rushed in for emergency caesarians because the inexperienced twit of an owner who has bred with them have no clue what they are even doing! I know someone who bred a huge male with a tiny female and then wonders why the female nearly died during birth!! What these backyard ‘breeders’ cannot get through their heads is that their idea of a ‘good’ home is not enough!!! You have to interview the puppy or kitten buyer’s, you have to do homechecks, you have to put sterilization contracts in place, you have to ensure that the animal will be made part of the family – the list goes on……In short – you are bound to those babies for life!!!! I am still in contact with people who adopted some puppies that I hand reared and I have had the pleasure of seeing them all big and grown up now! I warn all people that adopt my fosters – you are stuck to me for life!!! And if you don’t like it – tough!!!! AND THIS IS WHY WE IN ANIMAL WELFARE GET SO ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because this is not being done!!!!!!!!!! When I just out of interest called a breeder pretending that I wanted to buy one of her puppies, I actually asked her if she would need to come and evaluate my home and if I must spay the puppy – her reply was ” when you have paid me, it is your puppy to do with what you want” I was speechless to say the least – Does this woman have any idea how irresponsible she is being?? Actually when I look back now, I think she does know, but couldn’t give a damn!! In my line of work, I get to see a lot of people who buy puppies from breeders and I always ask them about the breeder that they bought from.

Do you know that I have come across exactly 1 breeder that actually follows correct protocol? 1 breeder – that is shocking and scary! It is plain and simply sick and revolting! What I’m trying to say is that when you have your 1 litter and sell your 5 puppies or kittens, I can guarantee that with 1 of those babies that you sell, the supposed ‘good’ home will also decide that they want to have just 1 litter. Then they sell that litter of babies, and then those people who buy them also decide to have just 1 litter. Do u see where I’m going with this? It’s never just 1 litter!!!!!

The vicious breeding cycle just continues and continues! Please read this and think about what I am saying to you! It is not worth it!!!! Please stop leaving us (animal welfare) to clean up your mess!!! Just stop – please. Enjoy your pets as companions and furry children. Please stop exploiting them for money. Stop using them as breeding machines – Please stop!!!!!! Please be part of the solution, not the problem Help us to educate/ convince others to neuter and spay. It is the biggest present you can give a pet! Thank you all for taking the time to read this and my biggest hope for this email is that I manage to change just one persons mind with breeding!!!

Regards  Mel Bonthuys  Animal rescue, Welfare and Animal Rights Adoptions site ‘Adopt a furry child’

“If you love animals called pets, why do you eat animals called dinner”  ~ As seen on a shirt at “Don’t breed or buy while homeless animals die” Adopt a shelter pet!