Cats Gauteng

Why Adopt An Adult Cat?

A word from PETSAVE:

I would like you to consider adopting an adult cat.  Some sanctuaries have so many adults with the most lovely natures which are totally looked past by adopters for kittens.Without these adults being homed, the shelters cannot take in more cats or kittens.

Reasons for adopting an adult cats: 
– They don’t scratch when playing as much.

– Their personalities are set in stone so the really loving ones will always be really loving.

– They are healthy and strong so no chance of them getting the usual kitty illness’s which can be fatal.

–  They have been vaccinated and sterilized so none of the first years costs will be necessary

– They are used to being around other cats (clearly) so introducing them should be easier.

– They are better with children.

– They are not demanding, just loving.

– They are more independent.

 So please consider an adult cat !!   They deserve their chance!!!!   For more details on this sanctuary (pictured) and all their stunning adult cats, please contact:  Lauren