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Beautiful Ridgeback Male at CLAW

This beautiful boy was rescued from the township suffering from malnutrition and biliary.  He is making a full recovery – and eating us out of house and home!!

We have named him Hunter and he is mostly Ridgeback and a BIG boy!!  He has a sweet and loving nature – LOVES people!!   So he hangs out with Saskia and I all day in the clinic!!  He is about 5 years old, but still young at heart!!  He gets along with other dogs – loves the ladies – as he has not been well enough for us to sterilise him!!  We will definitely sterilise him before he goes to his new home.
Please network our special boy, he deserves a loving home!!  If anyone is interested in fostering or adopting please call me at 072 642 0850
Jennifer Gerner
CLAW (Community Led Animal Welfare)
Registered Veterinary Technician
+ 27 072 642 0850