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Cats Gauteng

Why Adopt An Adult Cat?

A word from PETSAVE: I would like you to consider adopting an adult cat.  Some sanctuaries have so many adults with the most lovely natures which are totally looked past by adopters for kittens.Without these adults being homed, the shelters cannot take in more cats or kittens. Reasons for adopting an adult cats:  – They don’t … Continue reading

Animal Cruelty

RIP Hope

PETSAVE rescued a mommy spaniel and her baby pup this week.  They were rushed to the  vet and mom was put onto drips etc. Unfortunately she was so weak and even though she ate a lot, her body gave up.  S he had basically starved to death.  She was namd Hope and really thought she would pull through but sadly … Continue reading


I want “just 1 litter”

“IN A PERFECT WORLD EVERY DOG WOULD HAVE A HOME AND EVERY HOME WOULD HAVE A DOG”~unknown “This means that there are 45 cats and dogs born for every person” Did you know… :1 out of 10 dogs born ever get a home 1 out of 12 cats born ever find a home  2-3 millions … Continue reading