The Cat Samaritan

Annita, more commonly known as The Cat Samaritan, is truly one of the most amazing woman I have come across.  The devotion and love she shows for cats in need is unbelievable.  Annita dedicates every waking moment to attending to medical problems experienced by these kitties and finding them loving, new forever homes.  She funds most of this herself which is a huge challenge for one person. 

Purz and Pawz will keep blogs updated on news of the cats Annita has available to be re-homed.  If you are able to give our furry friends a loving home or assist Annita in special cases where donations are needed (see below list), please contact or Annita on  Annita is based in Johannesburg north.

The Cat Samaritan’s need’s list:

  1. Baskets
  2. Blankets and/or fabric to make blankets
  3. Bowls – for kitties
  4. Cat litter (40kg bags obtainable at Cat Box Service)
  5. Catnip
  6. Cat carry baskets
  7. Jik
  8. Litter trays
  9. Scratch posts
  10. Sunlight liquid
  11. Towels
  12. Toys
  13. Washing powder (automatic)
  14. Assorted tinned food – Adult and/or kitten (not PnP or Topcat, etc.)
  15. Friskies/Whiskas/CatMor singles for adults and/or kittens (soft food)
  16. Assorted pellets – Adults and/or kittens (not CatMor or Epol)
  17. Hill’s/Royal Canin Scientific pellets for adults and/or kittens


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